5 Beauty Products That Actually Get the Job Done

Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Toner

Witch hazel is a natural remedy made from the bark and leaves of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana. Long used in traditional medicine, witch hazel is usually applied topically in order to treat certain skin conditions. Witch hazel can heal a wide range of skin troubles, such as acne, bruises, burns, inflammation, insect bites, itching, pain, and varicose veins.

Natural Sloth All Purpose Balm

Natural and safe to use by the whole family. Apply a generous amount on lips, hands, face and body to speed healing and calm irritation. Our Balm provides the healing solution to eczema, chronic dryness, irritation, rashes, scrapes, bruises, and more. 100% ORGANIC

Love Beauty And Planet

There is hope for damaged hair. This shampoo, infused with virgin coconut oil, nourishes, helps to visibly repair hair and prevent split ends for smooth and healthy looking tresses. Let your hair bask in the early morning freshness of ylang ylang flower oil. This shampoo is also 93% Naturally Derived and cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, & dye-free.

Weleda Citrus Deodorant

Weleda Citrus 24H Deodorant distills freshness, with the zing of lemon and litsea cubeba essential oils to rebalance body odors so skin can feel refreshed. In a recyclable glass bottle, with a non-aerosol pump spray, this deodorant is free of aluminum salts and contains fine ingredients, that add up to the best for your body and the earth.


Enhance your unique beauty with game-changing Atmosphere Foundation. Fine Art Infused Color and skin nourishing botanicals deliver flawless, breathable, high-performance coverage.

The Soft Focus liquid formula is a makeup artist favorite and offers a satin finish with buildable medium to full coverage. Designed to balance normal, sensitive and combination skin types.

The organic and wildcrafted antioxidant-rich ingredients in this breakthrough formula include brightening Camellia and Vapour’s proprietary Herbal Enlightenment Complex: Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus to help soothe, calm and protect.